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Kristine Holliday

Title: Active Member
Catagory: Medicare Insurance
Kristine was born in Southgate, CA and was raised here in South Orange County. Being a native of this area, she has met and done business with a lot of great Professionals. Kristine has been a part of her community for 30+ years. She has raised her daughter Brianna here, and has been a big part of the sports community. She loves to workout and participates in Spartan races and many 10ks to stay healthy. .
Being in Business Development and Sales all of her Career, from Advertising to Real Estate Sales to Insurance plans, she has had the opportunity to help people live Healthy and Active lives. Kristine brings her knowledge and professionalism to her Clients and make sure they have a great experience. She specializes in Medicare Plans and many other Health and Life Plans. She has a passion for life and loves to help all people with their healthcare needs
Company: KH Insurance
Phone: 949-614-9385
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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